About Us

VH Plast is an extension of Honhaco founded by the second generation of the family business. Honhaco ltd has been the pioneer in packaging since 1982 and among one of the earliest converters in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam. Knowing that packaging now plays a vital role in assuring sanitation and safety and reducing food waste; we are devoted to increasing the circularity of packaging. We include sustainability in all we do.

We are a global leader in developing and producing environmentally friendly packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home, personal care, and other products.

Our Vision

The company’s short-term and long-term development strategy includes technological investments in both in-depth scientific and human capacity on all levels. We aim to match the development trend of the current direction to all consumers in the domestic and global markets.

In the short term, our vision is to:

Aim to empower brand owners to be ready by 2025 when countries around the world ban single-use plastic and for a future in 2030 when countries will compulsorily require recycled products for packaging whether paper or plastic. We want to help companies shift from plastic and non-renewable packaging to a more sustainable method that contributes to the circular economy. We are trying to find solutions that encourage the reuse and recycling of packaging materials by shifting to mono-material solutions. For paper packaging, our goal is to shift to a complete paper packaging solution instead of plastic/aluminum mixed products

In the long term, our objective is to:

In the long term, our objective is to conduct research on recycling techniques for our products and aid in the exploration of potential ways in which we might give our knowledge to local recyclers or our clients. Finally, we aim to be more than just a solution supplier; we want to be a hub of material research for both paper and plastic circular economy movements

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help companies be prepared for a future where plastic and paper are no longer sustainable packaging solutions. We work towards a future where research and development play a critical role in ensuring we find the unique recyclable solution of packaging that sustains the industry and protects the environment at the same time. We want to achieve this by empowering small and big corporations to take up solutions that are not only profitable but also sustain the circular economy